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    We have a nationwide and global network of interpreters available around the clock with over 200 different languages and dialects. 24/7 365days.

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    Our global network has over 9500 translators, they are native speakers, heritage linguists, or have acquired native-level fluency.

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    Our Transportation and Logistics Solutions use the most reliable network of drivers, who are ready to meet any of your transportation needs.

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Von Loor Languages Solutions

Von Loor Language Solutions is one of the leading global providers of linguistic services. We have one of the largest global linguistic teams in the industry with headquarters located in the United States. Our company provides language solutions for over 200 languages and dialects from around the world.

We deliver a broad spectrum of Language Solutions and offer the industry’s fastest response (2 minutes after we receive your request) and processing times, which means more time for you to worry about other business-related matters. We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week within the global market to ensure timely delivery of your linguistic needs.

Von Loor Language Solutions is a global leader in Language and Management Services. Our company has over 10 years of experience within the insurance, medical, legal, manufacturing, education, business, construction, finance, as well as the marketing and sales industries. We are committed to providing comprehensive language support, and assisting our clients in obtaining dynamic results while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Additionally, we also offer transportation and logistic solutions for the Workers' Compensation Industry as a cost-effective advantage for our clients.

When you need absolute accuracy and timely services, you can depend on Von Loor Language Solutions. Our translators and interpreters are native speakers, heritage linguists, or have acquired native-level fluency. They are skilled in translating all forms of web, print, and broadcast communications. Our success and recommendation rate guarantees that we have commited to providing professional language support. You can depend on us for cost-effectiveness solutions with guaranteed accuracy. Von Loor Language Solutions will be with you anywhere in the world.